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The Company Introduces

    Guangzhou Dopu Industrial Technology CO.,LTD and Dongguan Dopu Industrial Inquipment CO.,LTD are professional manufacturer of filters and filter automation equipment. We are specializing in design, production and distributionof oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and cabin filters and oil-air separators applied for light vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, engineering machineries and industrial equipments.

    we are specializing filter automatic machine ,such as automatic assembly machine for filter element,two color printer automatic machine for spin-on filter,automatic seaming machine ,ultrasonic welding of end cap assembly machine,high speed automatic cartoning machine,Pleating - Filter Element automatic production line etc.

   Guangzhou Dopu Industrial Technology CO.,LTD  is located in Guangzhou Science Park ,the state high-tech development zone about 120km away from Hong Kong , here gathered at the 111 of world top 500 enterprises,Dongguan Dopu Industrial Inquipment CO.,LTD is located in Changan town, dongguan city, guangdong province.

   We can supply more than 500 items and reach annual capacity of 10 million filters.Our experienced teams of technology and management, global-standard advanced techniquesand automatic equipments for production and testing have strongly guaranteed the high quality of our filters and filter automation equipment.

   We strictly operate our quality system in accordance with ISO/TS16949:2002 standard of global automobile manufacturers and their original spare part suppliers. We use superior materials from world-wide brands and joint venture brands, such as media paper from Aholstrom (Korea), Hollingsworth&Vose (USA), Awapaper (Japan), Gessner (Germany) and domestic reliable suppliers, Steel from POSCO (Korea) and Bao Steel (Japan/China) and gasket with excellent temperature resistance of -45℃~130℃.Therefore,we provide top quality filters.

   Our customers come from North America, Central and South America, Europe, Oceania, South-East Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, we are one of the hardcore equipment supplier for the frilter facrotys from the provinces of Guangdong ,Zhejiang, Hebei,and An`hui.  now, our “Dp”and “Dopu” brands are spreading rapidly in worldwidemarket and mainland China and becoming globally well-known China's Famous Brand for filter and filter automation equipment!

   Action drive thinking !

   We are passionate about dreaming, innovation, motivation and self-improvement and creating great value for you by real actions!









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        About Dopu     |      Products     |      Technology     |      Application     |      Job & Career     |      Contact us          
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